winding down…

work ended early. i escaped the north shore nightmare just in time before going crazy. no more phone calls with a syrupy sweet voice that hides a bitter mood. now, after the commute down to the city, is the lively jazz of starbucks accompanied by hot china green tips tea with a hint of splenda. there is much homework left to do in a 24 hr period, but just now, for a moment, i get to s l o w  d o w n….how refreshing it is to take a short pause while the day is winding down. there are only three other people using the tables…a man behind me works on charts and graphs with his laptop, briefcase by his side. another man on the couch calmly browsed the day’s newspaper. another woman in front of me quietly reads a textbook that must weight 20 lbs at the least.

the days are getting longer now. the sun sets at about 5:30, and it’s enough to make my day. it brings hope of sweater weather and sunny days. i daydream about heading down for summer classes at northeastern, spending as little time in the suburbs as possible, and exploiting summer down to its last drop of sunlight.

someone came to meet both the woman and the man on the laptop. only 40 more minutes until pete is done with class. speaking of….

it is incredible how much i love that kid. it hurts to go a day without him. valentines day was only a couple days ago, and i remember exactly what happened last year like it was yesterday. we were celebrating ruben’s birthday of course, and i was surrounded by couples on all sides. talk about single’s awareness. but i started spending a lot of time talking to pete and suddenly….it was so bad anymore. he was so easy to talk to that i couldn’t help but be comfortable around him. yet…at the same time…a little intimidated. after, i was liking this guy more and more with every minute that passed. i’m sure my nerves showed through.

and now look at us. almost 9 months of dating, and i’m happier than i ever thought i could be. every single day spent with him is an absolute blessing, and i can’t wait to experience the rest of my life with him.


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