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random update
April 27, 2010

side note: it seems like i’ve gotten better about taking care of my body…

i’m not turning to cigarettes anymore

i’m definitely trying to eat healthier than i have been

i exercise at least once a week [which is actually an improvement]

i hope i can keep this up :]


decisions, decisions…
April 27, 2010

i keep thinking about quitting my job. the salon life is just not for me. i want to leave it behind so bad…and i was so close to making the final decision. in fact, i had told a bunch of my close friends that i was quitting. it just left me so overworked, so overstressed, and so insecure to the point that it’s simply unhealthy. my boyfriend says i should stick it out a little longer…about 4 months more so that it can at least say i’ve been there a year on my resume. he’s probably right, i mean at least i can pay off my credit card bill…but then i definitely need them to cut down my hours. my manager and i had agreed on about 25…so then why am i working 32? i have to stick up for myself…i have to tell her i simply can’t handle it. sometimes i get so pushed around at that job, if anything this will teach me to get a backbone. if i’m sticking around for another season, i’m gonna make sure it’s worth it…

and i’ll be sure to stock up on products while i’m there….