today was a nice, relaxing day hanging out with pete :] i’ve already drifted into summer laziness, even though i can’t afford it. it’s all work work work this week, and then i start summer school. i really hope everything works out by the end of school :[ i know i failed that god-awful speech class, but i’m really hoping my other classes were 2 a’s and a b….that would make my week. and it seems like my manager finally got the hint point-blank message that i want less hours this summer. i’m refusing to kill myself slowly by overworking myself. yeah, work is what will help me pay off this credit card bill, but there will always be other expenses, as long as i keep thinking this type of materialism is a means to some end.

note to self: money cannot, and never will be able to, buy happiness!!

this happiness is found in God’s glorious sunsets, Jesus’ warm eyes, Pete’s loving kiss, Evie’s comforting hug, Jenny’s sarcastic smirk, Emanuel’s ridiculous impressions…and so on. i hope i don’t forget that.


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